Room 6

Rooms 6 & 3, the Pre-kindergarten class, will expand on the Kindergarten readiness skills from the previous class.  The children will learn their letters and the sounds they make.  By working on a “letter of the week” the children will be provided with hands on activities regarding the specific letter.  Math concepts such as graphing, more and less, and numeral recognition will be introduced in this group.  The children will also learn important math concepts by having a calendar time each day.  Children will begin to understand different science concepts by working on themes such as nature, magnets and our bodies as well as various cooking activities.  Although the curriculum is very important at this age, we recognize the importance of self select play both indoors and out.  All of the children will have opportunities each day to play as well as use the language skills they have developed from the previous programs.  These children will also have a specific time each week to visit our art room.  The teacher child ratio in this class is one to ten.