Philosophy in Action

Celebration Kids addresses the needs of the whole child by providing opportunities in the interrelated areas of physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. We encourage children to explore experiment, ask questions, initiate activities and solve problems in a way appropriate to their age and stage.

Play is valued and encouraged. We believe that children learn best when they are motivated by their own curiosity and innate desire to discover, know and understand. We provide children with a variety of concrete, hands-on opportunities for learning. We stress a cooperative approach and nurture creativity.

While we allow for a wide range of experiences to encourage exploration of the environment, we make sure the child feels stimulated but not threatened by excessive expectations. We help children to feel at ease, comfortable and secure in a nurturing setting. We provide a multi-racial, multi-cultural environment which encourages a variety of experiences appropriate to the children’s diverse backgrounds. The program is non-sexist in that children can participate in a variety of experiences which do not limit their interests and competencies on the basis of gender. Special-needs children are welcome as long as the environment is judged to be beneficial to the optimum development of such children.

CK encourages the participation of parents in program activities and decision making. Such participation helps to foster a better understanding of the goals and objectives of CK by the parents and promotes the development of a productive relationship between children, parents and teachers. CK assists its families in whatever ways are appropriate, from offering information on child development, learning theories and health issues to helping parents locate needed community resources. Parents are encouraged to assist in the classroom, help with driving or put in time at the various parent and fund-raising events throughout the year.