Room 5

Room 5, our late three-early four year olds,  offers a play and language environment which will also begin to introduce a Kindergarten Readiness curriculum.  The children will begin to learn letters and numerals as well as other age appropriate reading and math concepts.  This age group will begin to learn to take responsibility for their actions and also learn about cause and effect. While building on experiences from the previous room, this group will work on concentrating for longer periods of time while engaging themselves in activities.  Once again, play and language are an integral part of this program and we encourage these children to use their imagination in their play. Gross motor skills are developed through learning to hop on one foot, skip and ride the bikes on the playground.  Fine motor skills are developed through working with pencils, scissors and stringing beads. A specific time is set aside for these children to visit our art room to work together on long term as well as short term projects.   The teacher child ratio in this class is one teacher to eight children with a capacity of 16 children.